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The conventional structure of a woman fixes her to a stereotype, whereby she is attributed to a defined set of duties that she is supposed to perform. In case, the applicant's credit history is not up to the lender's credit standards, the financier would require an additional guarantee, the absence of which would disqualify the borrower from obtaining the loan.

If you are looking for a grant, don't be hesitant to look because of what the business is going to be. There are literally hundreds to thousands of grants out there for women wanting to start craft businesses, consulting, brokerage, record labels and more.

Also, lenders who mislead potential borrowers usually end up with much less than satisfactory ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) due to the number of complaints and negative feedback they get.

To avail of this loan and to set up a business enterprise subsequently, a woman seeking the loan will have to invest more than 50 percent of the beauty salon financing share capital of the enterprise to be set up. Recently, the Stree Shakti package was modified, reducing the interest rate by 0.5 percent.

Sometimes, you may be required to file a specific application to the credit reference agency so that it will business financing solutions monitor your ongoing credit performance, which can ultimately result in improving your credit score.